Voicemod launches VMgram, bringing real-time AI voice changing to mobile

December 14, 2023
3 minutes

14th December 2023 - Voicemod, the world leader in real-time AI-voice conversion and interactive audio, has launched VMgram, a mobile app that allows users to access Voicemod’s real-time AI voice changer and soundboard within the messaging and social media platform Telegram. 

Available initially for Android, downloadable in the Play Store, with an iOS version to follow, VMgram is Voicemod’s mobile debut and first direct third-party communications platform integration, bringing its real-time voice changing and soundboard experience to voice and video calls and messages. 

On VMgram, in addition to Telegram’s existing features, users can now transform their voices in real time when making voice and video calls or recording voice messages. Users can select from a variety of AI voices and voice avatars, ranging from human voices to fantasy characters, robots and aliens. When texting, users can respond to messages using Voicemod’s soundboard of over 150,000 sounds, found in the app alongside emojis, memes, GIFs and stickers. 

VMgram was built using Voicemod’s SDK in combination with open source code published by Telegram, tapping into the significant and growing mobile communication use case for Voicemod’s AI audio technology, especially amongst Gen Z. Telegram is a popular platform not just for personal messaging and calls but also for large group calls and communities. Launching VMgram on Telegram showcases Voicemod’s SDK and the ease of integrating Voicemod’s real-time AI voice changing technology into third-party mobile apps and beyond.

Voicemod’s CEO Jaime Bosch said, “We’re excited to make it easier than ever for users to supercharge their voice on mobile. This is something our users have been asking for, especially among Gen Z gamers who frequently multitask on consoles and group calls. Today’s communication apps go beyond texts and calls, with visual elements such as GIFs, memes and stickers already commonplace. With the introduction of VMgram, we introduce another dimension of self-expression, creativity and entertainment for millions of users worldwide.

“VMgram demonstrates how such powerful real-time AI audio technology can be accessed from a device that fits in the palm of your hand – this marks the first time any real-time AI voice changer has been directly integrated into a major mobile messaging app.” 

Since being founded in 2014, Voicemod has garnered over 40 million downloads and millions of monthly users including gamers, streamers, content creators, and those simply wanting to find their voice online, as well as partnering with the likes of Warner Bros. to leverage existing IP content and give fans new ways to engage with their favorite characters, TV shows and movies.