Voicemod's Software Development Kit Showcased in First Integration Via Partnership with Dixper, an Up-and-Coming Contender Within the Creator Economy

August 17, 2021
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Voicemod's Software Development Kit Showcased in First Integration Via Partnership with Up-and-Coming Contender Within the Creator Economy, Dixper

The Integration Unlocks an Easily Accessible Audio Suite for Streamers, Increasing Engagement and Monetization Potential

Voicemod, the world's leading company in augmented voice and interactive audio, today announced the first use case of its Software Development Kit (SDK), currently available to select partners. The implementation comes in the form of a new feature within the Dixper.gg platform, a content creator monetization tool. Now, streamers can add Voicemod into their toolkit of interactive monetization selections on the Dixper platform, allowing their viewers to activate Voicemod's vast library of voice skins live in real-time in exchange for Dixper's platform currency, "Skills."

"As a company, it's important to us to work with partners who share our vision in democratizing content creation," said Voicemod CEO and Co-Founder Jaime Bosch.

"Thanks in part to Dixper, we've been able to ensure the Voicemod SDK is an easy-to-integrate solution for companies looking to explore the possibilities of implementing real-time voice augmentation."

'Dixper is constantly looking for new ways to amplify the means in which our users can increase their brand value and revenue, always powered by the best tech possible." said Iván Mayo, CTO, Dixper. "We've been developing our technology in a way that allows us to, fast and easily, integrate different SDKs and technologies into our platform. When we discovered how simple it was to implement Voicemod into our platform with the official software kit, it was a no-brainer for our team. Voicemod holds the industry's most sophisticated voice technology, and now it's only a few clicks away for our users.'

Enhancing app-based social audio capabilities empowers users to create meaningful sonic interactions, bolstering user engagement and retention. Voicemod's open API provides access to the platform's dynamic AI-powered audio creation studio, allowing developers to create low-latency, low CPU-usage audio-centric apps for mobile, web, or desktop, or simply integrate new audio functions into existing apps. From ambient background noises to real-time voice modulation - as well as an ever-increasing suite of effects, filters, speech-to-speech real-time modifications, hyper-realistic voice skins, musical effects, and voice morphing - Voicemod's comprehensive toolkit can easily become a harmonious component of any social audio program.

From content creators and gamers, to musical artists and voice actors, Voicemod provides a platform for creatives to take their audio-based content to the next level using a mix of voice filters, soundboard effects, user-created voice mods, and a whole host of other real-time audio customizations. With the Voicemod Voicelab, users can create their very own voices and sound effects with user-friendly sound mixers. Additionally, Voicemod provides cycling content packs, including branded effects as well as seasonal themed voice filters and effects.

A full press kit including images, trailers, and logos is available here: https://uberstrategist.link/voicemod-presskit.

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About Voicemod

Based in Valencia, Spain, Voicemod is the world's leading company in augmented voice and interactive audio. With more than 25.3 million downloads on desktop PCs alone, it is a tool that helps gamers, content creators, and professionals of all skill levels find the voice that best expresses themselves as they play, work, create, and entertain. Offering the best and most accessible tools on the market with its versatile PC platform, soundboard, and Voicelab, Voicemod is committed to letting you sound like you - even as you are discovering who that might be. Learn more at voicemod.net.

About Dixper

Dixper is an interactive platform for streamers and their viewers. Through Dixper, streamers can amplify their income by selling "Skills" that their viewers can send to their stream in real-time. Streamers don't need to change their streaming platform in order to use Dixper and it is compatible with OBS Alerts, Goals, Bots, and more. Dixper enables real interactions within the game being played and even offers "Skills" for Just Chatting streams. Learn more at https://dixper.gg/home.

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