Voicemod Acquires Voctro Labs to Power the AI Singing Generation

February 7, 2023
2 minutes

Voicemod, the trailblazer in audio self-expression tools for digital identities, has acquired Voctro Labs, a world-renowned leader in the music technology and AI space.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome the Voctro Labs team, including the company’s four founders, to Voicemod as they lead our R&D department and integrate their music and singing technology to take our products to the next level.

Founded by Jordi Janer, Oscar Mayor, Jordi Bonada, and Merlijn Blaauw, Voctro Labs is a spin-off of the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), one of the leading audio and music technology academic research labs in the world. The company’s founders have been working with Yamaha’s R&D division for the past 25 years and participated in the original development of VOCALOIDTM, the singing voice synthesizer that introduced the world to the first virtual singer, Hatsune Miku. If that weren’t amazing enough, Voctro Labs also developed the technology behind Holly+, the AI clone voice of Holly Herndon. This AI voice was used to create the first AI voice song on Spotify and was even featured in Herndon’s highly revered TED Talk.

The acquisition of Voctro Labs by Voicemod has been three years in the making, during which time the two companies collaborated and worked together on various projects. “Voctrolabs acquisition is a huge step towards our vision unlocking new ways of expression for our users and enabling us to enter with a strong foot into the AI singing technology and vocal identities business.” Jaime Bosch, Co-Founder & CEO of Voicemod.

Voctro Labs’ founders, Janer, Mayor, Bonada,  and Blaauw, are now spearheading Voicemod’s R&D department from the product and research side and continue to incorporate their technology in the company’s upcoming product launches around generative AI and sing-to-singing voice conversion. “We are thrilled that Voctro Labs is joining forces with Voicemod to start a new chapter in the development of generative audio technologies,” says Jordi Janer, CEO of Voctro Labs. “We are strongly aligned with Voicemod’s mission and believe that all our R&D efforts over the last 10 years will now have an entirely new dimension of impact.” 

With AI becoming more advanced and important in everyday life, this acquisition will empower Voicemod to establish its position as a global leader in this space. And for our end users, this means a more natural, intelligent speech-to-speech product, as well as new singing technologies to empower their audio self-expression. We’re confident that the combination of our global community and proven track record in audio experiences with Voctro Labs’ expertise in machine learning gives both companies an opportunity to blaze the path forward in the evolution of AI music technology.

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