Voicemod unveils ‘AI Humans’ collection: Pioneering real-time, human-realistic voice changing technology for a more expressive, inclusive and entertaining online experience

June 21, 2023
5 minutes

21st June, Valencia - Voicemod, a world leader in AI–powered voice synthesis and interactive audio, has launched its “AI Humans” collection of real-time AI voice changers, with industry-leading low-latency and the most human-realistic voices to-date.

Trained on recordings from a variety of professional voice actors, the new AI Humans collection features 20 human-realistic characters, in addition to the ever-changing and hilarious ‘Random Human’ voice.

Personas include “Jennifer”, a 25-year-old female voice with an energetic and friendly timbre, and Joe, an 80-year-old male voice with a raspy, sardonic tone. Users can also customize the pitch of each character, in turn altering the listener’s perception of the voice’s age and gender.

Voicemod’s AI technology transforms voices in real-time and with industry-leading low-latency (in other words, minimal lag) to enable users to converse as they would in real life – but be heard online with their chosen voice. Whether online gaming, where split-second decisions have to be communicated, or simply chatting on Facetime, Zoom or Discord, eliminating lag is essential to Voicemod’s real-time use cases. 

More powerful than traditional offline voice-changers, Voicemod’s AI-powered voice synthesis also captures changes in the speaker’s pitch, tone, and volume in real-time, thereby reflecting the nuances and emotions of users’ input to create more expressive and realistic output. While Voicemod has previously ventured into human-sounding voices, the new AI Humans collection represents a significant leap forward in achieving the most natural-sounding voice transformations possible.

This latest release from Voicemod caters for increasing demand for human-realistic voice changing technology fueled by users’ pursuit of greater self-expression, creativity, and pseudonymity online. While visual avatars are a well-established concept within the worlds of online gaming, the metaverse and social media, voice and audio has until now played second fiddle. Voicemod’s AI-powered voice and augmented audio offerings are changing that, helping to foster more inclusive and entertaining online spaces that everybody can enjoy.

Jaime Bosch, CEO and Co-Founder of Voicemod, said, “As a company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of voice transformation, we’re proud to launch this collection which showcases our cutting-edge technology, prioritizing two things we understand are essential for our users: human-realism and incredibly low-latency. Users have enjoyed our realistic human voice filters in the past and we’re pleased to step up this offering with a collection of characters that are by far our most natural-sounding to date, enabling users to express themselves in new ways and with greater confidence, however they want to be heard, all in real-time.”

Since being founded in 2014, Voicemod has garnered over 40 million users including gamers, streamers, content creators, and those simply wanting to find their voice online. The AI Humans voice changer collection marks a significant milestone for the company, further establishing itself as a world leader in AI–powered voice synthesis and interactive audio.