Voicemod is Bringing Voice Avatars and Real-Time Engagement to the Metaverse - Official Partner Extension Unveiled in Agora's New Marketplace Offering

November 16, 2021
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Bragi's Voicemod-enabled B2B software solution allows headphone device OEMs to include untethered, hands-free, real-time voice augmentation anytime, anywhere

Voicemod, the world leader in augmented voice and interactive audio experiences, is enabling Bragi’s industry-leading audio platform to incorporate voice modulation capabilities into smart earbuds and headsets for mobile, console, and handheld devices without tethering to a PC.

This industry-leading integration introduces seamless interoperability between Voicemod’s real-time voice changing engine and Bragi Operating System (BOS). Headphone brands can now incorporate next-level audio and voice modification experiences into smart headphones via voice or headphone controls to power the easy creation of virtual voices and sonic identities on any device — without involving a PC.

“We're ecstatic to be able to include Voicemod capabilities in Bragi's platform. This is the first time that voice modification experiences have been made available on mobile devices via headphone technology,” said Nikolaj Hviid, CEO of Bragi. “This allows content creators and influencers to post content with fun and cool voice mods on apps like TikTok and YouTube. Voicemod also enables AI noise suppression in conference or phone calls.”

Voicemod builds audio tools that make it easy for anyone to create a unique sonic identity and share the voices they feel best reveal their true selves, the way they want to be heard. The strategic partnership with Bragi further solidifies Voicemod’s B2B expansion strategy and mission to cultivate an ecosystem around the company’s interactive audio technology and voice avatars — capabilities that will become increasingly essential as the metaverse grows into reality.

With Voicemod’s advanced voice and microphone augmentation and a huge library of sound effects, users can be confident of how they sound to their listeners — and can modify incoming voices as well. The Voicemod features allow users to unleash hidden depths of creativity and express themselves imaginatively as they play, work, create, and entertain.

Key benefits to consumers include:

  • Modifying a user’s voice with Voicemod voice filters and fun emojis for mobile gaming and communication with friends
  • Playing sound effects from the Voicemod soundboard library
  • Voice auto tuning allows everyone to be a great singer — whenever and wherever
  • Improving audio clarity through clean voice and background noise suppression capabilities, especially valuable for professional communication on the go

“It’s nearly impossible right now to enhance your voice on mobile devices, but that is changing thanks to our partnership with Bragi,” said Voicemod CEO and co-founder Jaime Bosch. “This next generation of audio integration with the Bragi ecosystem ensures that OEMs of earbuds and headsets can easily incorporate real-time voice and microphone augmentation.”

He added, “For the hearables and headphone sector, this represents a strategic milestone. When hardware manufacturers build audio devices using the Voicemod-enabled Bragi software solution, consumers can finally sound how they want to sound — anytime and on any device, and even when using communication apps such as Discord, WhatsApp or Zoom.”

For more information on the Software Developer Kit for incorporating Voicemod’s real-time voice changing engine directly into your hardware, games and applications, go to: https://www.voicemod.net/developers/.

For more information about Bragi’s software platform, visit: www.bragi.com.

About Bragi

Bragi was founded in 2013 and launched the world's first Truly Wireless Earphones in 2015. Since then Bragi has evolved from a promising startup to a market moving creator of innovative technology, opening the new category of Truly Wireless Earphones. Bragi transformed into a software enabler for consumer brands, focusing on scaling its technology after investing more than $110 million in software and AI.

Bragi's Software Platform consists of an earphone OS and a smartphone App embedding advanced AI and rock-solid software. For more information about Bragi's Audio Platform, visit www.bragi.com.

About Voicemod

Voicemod is the leader in real-time audio augmentation. Developers trust Voicemod’s audio technology to help end-users create virtual voices and define their sonic identities. As companies strive to build a responsible metaverse, Voicemod is the tool that helps gamers, content creators, and professionals of all skill levels find the voice that best expresses themselves as they play, work, create, and entertain. Discover more at https://www.voicemod.net/.


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