Voicemod launches Community Voices and AI Voice Creator

November 20, 2023
4 minutes

30th November 2023 – Voicemod, the world leader in real-time AI voice and interactive audio, today announced the launch of Community Voices and AI Voice Creator, enabling users to create, remix, and share their own AI voices. The launch marks a significant milestone in Voicemod's mission to democratize audio expression and empower users with a vast array of creative possibilities.

For the first time, users can now craft unique synthetic voices using Voicemod’s AI Voice Creator. The feature offers a comprehensive range of options, enabling users to select from a diverse spectrum of gender, age, and tone, resulting in an almost unlimited number of variations. 

Additionally, the Voicelab functionality provides users with the freedom to further customize voices, allowing them to fine-tune pitch, volume, frequency, and other parameters to achieve the perfect vocal expression. To further enhance the creative experience, users can apply a variety of audio effects, including Delay, Vocoder and Reverb.

Voicemod’s AI-powered voice synthesis creates expressive, realistic and natural-sounding output as it is capable of capturing the nuances of speaker’s emotions, pitch, tone, and volume. Unlike other AI voice changers that often suffer from lag issues, Voicemod's cutting-edge technology operates seamlessly in real-time, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience. This capability empowers users to transform their voices while gaming, live streaming, creating content, or simply socializing online. 

The launch of Community Voices and AI Voice Creator signifies a pivotal step in Voicemod's journey to democratize its technology and empower users with creative tools while vastly expanding the library of voices available. 

This development follows Voicemod's recent launch of Community Sounds, a feature that enables users to share their own custom sound effects, effectively creating “audible emojis” that perfectly complement live streaming, gaming, and virtual hangouts on platforms such as Fortnite, Twitch, Discord, Roblox, and FaceTime. 

"Community Voices and AI Voice Creator represent a transformative leap forward in our mission to democratize audio expression and creativity for everyone to enjoy," said Alex Bordanova, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Voicemod. "By providing users with the tools to create and share their own AI voices, we are opening up a world of endless possibilities for self-expression."

With the introduction of Community Voices and AI Voice Creator, Voicemod reaffirms its commitment to encouraging an inclusive and creative community where users can explore the limitless potential of voice and audio. Since being founded in 2014, Voicemod has garnered over 40 million downloads and millions of monthly users including gamers, streamers, content creators, and those simply wanting to find their voice online.