World of Tanks ‘Tank Commander’ bundle now available on Voicemod

May 20, 2024
5 minutes

Valencia, Monday 20th May - Voicemod, the global leader in real-time AI voice transformation and interactive audio, has partnered with World of Tanks (WoT) to offer the ‘Tank Commander’ voice changer and soundboard pack. Using Voicemod’s AI-powered technology, WoT gamers can - for the first time ever - speak to other players in the voice of a true ‘Tank Commander.

When playing as the ‘Tank Commander’, players can creatively alter their voice on the battlefield. ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ Tank Commander voice options allow for realistic, pseudonymous voice chat and gender-swapping with minimal effort. Alternatively, players can opt to retain their own voice timbre, which can be adjusted with Voicemod’s pitch slider. 

In addition, Voicemod’s voice-changing technology lets players tailor the ‘Tank Commander’ voice according to the tank type they command, such as ‘Light’, ‘Medium’, ‘Heavy’, ‘Destroyer’, or ‘SPG’. Each option integrates unique vehicle sounds like engine noises and can adjust reverb to simulate the tank cabin’s interior, enhancing the immersion.

For an ultra-realistic playing experience, tankers can also add WWII-era radio noise, static, and glitch effects to their voice, with options like ‘FUG-5’ and ‘WS. NO 19’. A separate control allows for adjusting the level of radio interference, which can distort and break up the voice for added realism.

Players can mix these features to enhance their gameplay, whether seeking a more authentic simulation or simply aiming to impress allies when calling for support.

Alongside real-time voice transformation as a ‘Tank Commander,’ players can access a bundle of 16 interactive sounds, which can be assigned to any button on a Stream Deck, keyboard, or other control device, to be triggered during gameplay.

This bundle includes:

  • Five voice clips for quick in-game communication. The phrases include: “Gotcha!” “Enemy destroyed!” “Another one down!” “Penetration!” and “Ricochet!”.
  • Five assignable sounds for enhancing gameplay, useful for signalling readiness or celebrating victories. These sounds are: a radio activation, a siren, the clank of tank metal, a ping, and an alert.
  • Six evocative music clips to heighten the mood and add emotional depth to the gaming experience. The featured music ‘main themes’ are: Studzianki, Prokhorovka, Malinovka, Mark 1 (Intro), and Westfield.

Voicemod CEO and co-founder, Jaime Bosch, commented, “We know Voicemod users enjoy experimenting with their voices and different sounds while socialising online and we are excited to launch this World of Tanks bundle to be able to offer gamers an even more immersive and enhanced gaming experience.” 

The 'Tank Commander' pack is available to World of Tanks (WoT) players for $7.99. To use it, simply purchase the pack and download the free Voicemod application on your PC or Mac. Voicemod's 'virtual microphone' technology ensures compatibility with any app that accepts microphone input. This allows WoT players to change their voice across various platforms, including in-game chats and Discord, enhancing their social experience wherever they play.

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