Voicemod partners with MSI: A game-changing duo for streamers and gamers

November 7, 2023
2 minutes

Voicemod partners with MSI: A game-changing duo for streamers and gamers

Gaming just got a whole lot more exciting — two industry giants, Voicemod and MSI, have joined forces to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. Voicemod, renowned for its AI-powered voice synthesis and interactive audio, has partnered with MSI, a global leader in gaming and computing, to create a dynamic fusion of technology that will leave gamers and streamers in awe.

The integration of Voicemod's technology into MSI's Mystic Light ecosystem unlocks a new dimension of gaming immersion. Streamers can now synchronize their RGB lighting setups with their voice transformations, creating a captivating and dynamic atmosphere for their audiences. With minimal latency, Voicemod's AI-powered voice filters enable gamers to converse naturally while projecting their chosen personas into the virtual realm.

MSI's Mystic Light now boasts 'Voicemod Sync,' a feature that grants direct control over RGB lighting and Voicemod functionality through the MSI Center interface. This seamless integration empowers gamers to orchestrate a symphony of light and sound, enhancing their gaming experience with synchronized RGB effects across Mystic Light-compatible hardware and peripherals. The centralized control within the MSI Center provides the flexibility to fine-tune lighting and voice settings, crafting a truly personalized and entertaining gaming environment.

To celebrate this collaboration, MSI is offering a 1-month free trial of Voicemod Pro with the purchase of select MSI products. This exclusive offer grants streamers and gamers access to the full spectrum of Voicemod's capabilities, including professional-grade voice-changing effects through Voicelab.

The synergy between Voicemod's innovative voice technology and MSI's cutting-edge hardware promises to elevate gaming experiences to unprecedented heights. This partnership paves the way for a future where gamers can express themselves with limitless creativity, transforming their voices and surroundings to match the intensity and excitement of their virtual adventures.