Voicemod Collaborates with Tencent to Launch Real-Time Voice-Changing Chat Solution, Enabling an Immersive Virtual Gaming Experience

July 12, 2022
5 minutes

Leveraging Tencent Cloud’s high-quality Game Multimedia Engine, the collaboration allows players to transform into game characters by customizing voices

Valencia, July 12, 2022 – The virtual world gives gamers the power to fully indulge their imagination and be anyone or anything they want. Adding to their ability to create their own avatars and character image, Tencent Cloud, with its Game Multimedia Engine (GME), and Voicemod, the world leader in augmented voice and interactive audio today announced the launch of a real-time voice-changing chat solution for games, which brings truly immersive and rich gameplay for players by allowing them to customize their own voices – transforming them into their own, unique game characters, and talk with each other.

The new real-time voice-changing chat solution provides game developers with tools and templates and supports custom parameter adjustment that can be applied to voice messages as well as real-time voice chat. Through the new solution, an SDK set can change voices in real-time and customize the voice of any characters. It supports cross-platform applications on PC, mobile, and web, covering the demands of gamers across consoles and devices. Game developers can now take advantage of its features, including:

- 90 preset sound templates – Users can immerse themselves in any digital persona or character with more than 90 unique voice filters. From Titan to Chipmunk to cutting-edge AI voices, there’s a voice for every user. 

- Customizable voices
– Empower users to build their own voice avatars in Voicemod’s Voicelab. This feature gives people the freedom to adjust parameters like bass, treble, pitch, and reverb, offering more control and more options when exploring sonic identity. 

- Dozens of sound emojis
– Make player interactions more entertaining by allowing users to trigger hilarious or scary sound effects at the touch of a key. Take multiplayer gaming to the next level with improved team communication and even more user engagement.

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- High-definition sound quality, with ultra-low latency – Provide your players with the best real-time voice chat service.

- Voice Enhancer filter
– Users can enhance their online communication with the Voice Enhancer filter. This voice features a powerful pitch control while still maintaining a crisp, top-notch audio quality.

In massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), sandbox, open world, and other virtual world games, voice avatar coupled with the 3D spatial audio allow players to immerse in the gaming universe through its soundscape. Party game, social deduction game, scripts and singing game players can also use their favorite sound templates and those set by the game environment, and those who play competitive games such as multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Battle Royale, First Person Shooters (FPS), among others, can use the voices of their game characters to communicate strategies in real-time – significantly enhancing their gaming moments through voice chat. 

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, “The quality of immersion in gaming has become more and more important among players, especially with the advent of the virtual world, where they can be anyone they can be. Through Tencent Cloud’s GME, which is a high-quality voice communication service trusted by companies and clients all around the world, and our collaboration with Voicemod, the newly launched real-time voice-changing chat solution has made it even more immersive for gamers and helps them become a truly integral part of the fantastic worlds and scenarios they are in.” 

Jaime Bosch, CEO and Co-Founder of Voicemod said, “The newly introduced real-time voice-changing chat solution in collaboration with Tencent Cloud is a significant development for game developers. Not only does it help enhance player immersion and strengthen gaming styles, it also assists in driving game revenue growth and player interaction frequency. This new solution allows game developers to provide their players with more interactions, entertainment, and communication, as well as security and privacy, as it reduces the risk of personal and real voice leakage.” 

Based in Spain, Voicemod is the leader in real-time audio augmentation. Developers trust Voicemod’s audio technology to help end-users create virtual voices and define their sonic identities.

Tencent Cloud’s GME handles 1 billion minutes of service usage every day, and adapts to over 20,000 device models with well tuned cloud parameters. GME provides support for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, web, Unity, Unreal, and Cocos and is adapted to 20,000+ terminals and numerous peripheral device models, ensuring a smooth voice chat experience across all platforms. It is also trusted by more than 6,000 game developers and game publishers around the world. 

GME also features in-game 3D spatial voice, delivering high-quality voice chat experience with patented algorithms for echo cancellation, as well as noise and howling suppression. It provides an ultra low-latency, stable, and smart routing-enabled voice chat service, and is deployed around the world with more than 2,800 acceleration nodes covering over 200 countries and regions. For more details about GME, please visit: https://www.tencentcloud.com/products/gme. To learn more about the new real-time voice-changing chat solution, please contact Tencent Cloud at: https://www.tencentcloud.com/contact-us

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Voicemod is the leader in real-time audio augmentation. Developers trust Voicemod’s audio technology to help end-users create virtual voices and define their sonic identities. As companies strive to build a responsible metaverse, Voicemod is the tool that helps gamers, content creators, and professionals of all skill levels find the voice that best expresses themselves as they play, work, create, and entertain. Discover more at www.voicemod.net.

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