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May 26, 2022
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The Need for a Girl Voice Changer in the Current Online Culture

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The use cases for a girl voice changer in our online world are endless. Before we dive into the specific needs of women online and voice-changing software, let’s take a moment to paint a bigger picture of how a voice changer relates to our online lives.

Day by day, our digital personalities become more important to our regular life. Whether we are communicating over the internet for work, leisure, or education, our need to connect is greater than it has ever been before. If we are communicating strictly over VOIP, our personalities are completely defined by our voices; if we participate in gaming, our in-game avatars represent us; and, if we are in the workspace, we rely on our voices to command respect and communicate requests, concepts, and information.

But if our digital personas are as fluid as the environments we utilize them in, why should our voices remain the same? Voice Changers are more than just a software solution, but rather an addition to our own self and an enhancement or correction to our digital identity.

So, what exactly does the girl voice changer do?

Our software allows individuals to navigate audio complexities with ease and create auditory illusions or simply elevate an existing phonetical strength. This is done via several different methods. For example, changing a voice to sound deeper or higher, adding effects such as echo’s or simply using one of our pre-created voices that mimic iconic characters or are a reflection of our talented contributing community.

This also has practical uses, such as masking the identity of genders online. A girl voice changer could be used for roleplaying as your MMO character more effectively or to avoid undesired attention online.

Why would you want to use a girl voice changer?

Why wouldn’t you? Even if you have the most accurate voice for your personality, sometimes it may be a little bit of fun sounding like a girl superhero or cartoon princess. It also allows individuals who may feel uncomfortable communicating with strangers online a layer of protection, both mentally and literally.

Let’s be honest, sometimes it would be easier to have a female voice changer that allows women to go under the radar. Playing with strangers is often a prerequisite in our favorite games and masking feminine voices could go a long way in providing an environment that prevents targeted harassment or unwanted attention.

Or, perhaps if you are a well-known entertainer or celebrity with a recognizable voice, it could be used to stay out of the limelight for a bit whilst you kick of your shoes and jam a game of Fortnite or Valorant.

It’s not only relevant to the above examples — plenty of women online assume different female personas to their natural ones! Plenty of VTubers create characters that may represent their chosen gender but have totally different personalities and voices — girl voice changers are perfect for this. Singers can make use of this too, to give their natural voice a new property to transform their singing voices when in online scenarios.

There are limitless uses and opportunities beneath the surface! Anyone can find that one irreplaceable soundboard option, voice pack, or deep bass that works just right for them.

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Sound the way you think you sound

Introducing Custom Pitch, the most powerful pitch-shifting technology ever to grace Voicemod’s audio labs. Crafted over several years by the most dedicated, talented audio engineers of our generation, our new Custom Pitch lets you alter your pitch for better, crisper, and more detailed audio quality.

Why would you want to use Custom Pitch, you ask? Why wouldn´t you want to use Custom Pitch? Our voice is a huge part of our identity and self-expression. And at Voicemod, we believe that you should feel as confident as possible with your sonic identity, in each and every interaction you have online. Our Custom Pitch feature is completely free and available to anyone who wants to enhance their voice, whether it be in meetings, job interviews, live streams, or group chats.

Take a look at what Alex Bordanova, Voicemod’s Chief Audio and Technology Office, has to say about this exciting development:

“Audio experiences are a vast space to conquer. We are used to consuming audio via a single way of communication, like movies, video games, or music. But now, in the age of content creation, we’re starting to figure out how people can create these experiences on their own.”

Voicemod has really been pushing the boundaries to empower our users to enhance their audio experiences. Throughout this challenging journey, we spotted the need to improve our voice toolkit through the most immersive, natural technology ever. Our pitch-shifting technology will allow our users to access and create the best voices with better quality and intelligibility.”

  1. Download Voicemod Voice Changer, install it on your PC and follow the configuration instructions.
  2. Open it and enable ‘Voice Changer’ at the bottom of the window.
  3. Navigate to the Voicebox and choose any of the 100+ voices to completely change how you sound. Your new voice is ready!
  4. If you want to go subtle with the changes to mask your female voice, try out the Voicelab feature and alter settings such as pitch and bass to change the properties of your voice.

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